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Are you in need of something to bring back the excitement into your love life or to make it much better? If you’re using just your bare hands and fingers to please yourself or your partner, you should up your game and check out our list of the best sex toys shops.

Don’t be shy! These toys aren’t just for pornstars; you can try them out too, and experience a whole new way of enjoying yourself in bed. You’d be surprised what even a smaller device can do for you, your lady or your man – the benefits of sex toys are numerous. All you have to do is take your pick from our selection of proven online adult stores, and within a matter of days, you’ll be in seventh heaven.

Instead of racking your brains trying to please your partner, you can take advantage of modern technology and new sex toys to give him or her that long-awaited o-face each and every time. You’d be surprised what a simple, high-quality dildo can achieve in just a minute or two, let alone something more sophisticated. And once you get them gasping and moaning, you’ll never want to stop.
How We Pick and Choose the Best Online Sex Shops

When we review and present websites, we never forget about the critical details. Whenever you order from one of these top online sex shops, you’ll not only get a discrete package, but you will also be billed discreetly. There’s no way for someone to know that you ordered an adult product just by looking at your credit card statements or the box that your order came in.

More importantly, you can to order from virtually any country in the world with a few mouse clicks and quickly get your hands on a new toy in a matter of days. And on the off-chance that you don’t like what you’ve bought, you can always ask for your money back or try to exchange it for something different.

Finally, although high-quality products are what interest us the most, we also thought about the folks who can only afford cheap sex toys. Put together, the online adult stores on this list stock a variety of great products for every budget, fetish, fantasy, and sexual orientation. Once you choose and order the right one, you won’t be able to put it down.
What Kind of Sex Toys and Adult Products Can I Buy on These Sites?

Waiting for you on the virtual shelves of these shops are many different dildos and vibrators of varying shape, size and strength. But it’s not all about the ladies, even though you can find and buy some of the best sex toys for women and lesbians with your help. The places we picked are the best online adult toy stores for a reason. There are lots of male masturbators as well. For instance, you can find a whole range of fleshlights that emulate mouths, asses, and pussies, and various signature models made in collaboration with famous porn stars. However, that’s just scratching the surface of what’s available.

Those more inclined to try out fancy gadgets can get their hands on a teledildonic device, a long distance sex toy that lets you pleasure a partner over the internet and from a distance. If money is no object, you can go all out and get a lifelike sex doll made with cutting edge materials. Even better, they are customizable: pick their eye and hair color, hair type, breast size, and once they arrive, dress them up any way that you want. Best of all, thanks to a sophisticated skeletal system, you can put them in any position you want, and the rest is up to your imagination.

Are you feeling freaky? Not a problem. Why not try a furry or hentai sex toy? And while you’re at it, get yourself a costume to match. If you’re into BDSM, our list of online sex stores will make your mouth water. Instead of using homemade contraptions, get something that can withstand the abuse required to make you cum.

Are worried about having a small penis? Do you have a problem with premature ejaculation? Perhaps you can’t get it up? Don’t worry; we have products to help you last longer in the sack, get and stay rock hard, but also many options for penis enlargement.

Finally, don’t forget about the basics. Besides exploring fantasies and discovering turn-ons with expensive, novel, or cheap sex toys, these sex toy stores also stock the essentials. We’re talking about all sorts of lubes and lotions, and a variety of condoms from brands like Durex and Trojan that come in different sizes, textures, and even flavors.

Now go and take a look for yourself. You’re bound to find something that gets you excited.